Groundhog’s Day #89

Obadiah 1:1

Obadiah has either a) visions from God or b) really good shrooms.

Here is his vision:

God spoke of the people of Edom, and His opinion of those people is not very high. He thinks they’re a bunch of proud bastards. Which God intends to change by setting everyone, friend or foe, against Edom. Their crime? Basking in the subtle glow of the destruction of Judah. Also not helping the Israelites; that was bad too. (I guess something about seeing a people in desperate need of help but doing nothing to help those people gets God’s goat.) God is going to completely destroy Edom, and when He is done being mad this His own people, He will bring them back to live in the land that was once Edom, so HAH!

The end!

Up next, Jonah!


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