Groundhog’s Day #174

Habakkuk 1:1

Habakkuk is just another oracle.

Habakkuk’s Complaint- God, I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for quite some time, because I’m surrounded by injustice, pain and all-around douchebaggery.

The Lord’s Answer- Yeah, I know! I’m on it! I’m going to raise up these guys who call themselves the Babylonians. They are going to be seriously badass, but the only god they recognize is their own strength.

Habakkuk’s Second Complaint- Yeah, ok, whatever. What I’m saying is there are a bunch of evil dudes, going around creating havoc, and you’re not doing anything about it! Wtf?


The Lord’s Answer- Yeah, I know the evil dudes suck! They are the Babylonians. I’m raising them up to destroy them though, so it’s cool. They’ve built their shit by dishonest, unjust and cruel means (cough, Trump), so I will bring all of them to their knees and teach them some manners. By killing them. Are you writing this down? Write this shit down.

Habakkuk’s Prayer- God, I’ve heard a lot about you. You are a terrifying, magnificent dude. When you say that you’ll take care of this shit, I believe you! So even though my life and the world around me is miserable, I am happy and take faith in your word that you will clean this shit up!

The end!

Up next, Zephaniah.


One thought on “Groundhog’s Day #174

  1. The Old Testament is so weirdly relevant!! Chills, nichols448, chills… Every great civilization has been destroyed amid the oblivion of its own hubris. Or God smote them in a rage of divine retribution. Or both. These are scary times we live in, brimstone-wise. And yet, look who rails the loudest against real Christian charity these days: people who espouse the god of their own strength and wear something like Judeo-Christianity on their sleeves. Ask the average Bible-idolater what they think about Muslim refugees or illegal immigrants and whether or not we ought to be offering succor to them with our sincerest compassion and genuine faith in their good nature. Ask the average Bible-idolater which subset of humanity should “be first” or “made great again,” and whether that Venn diagram would be roughly Christ-inclusive or of a diameter somewhat short of that point. I’m not sure how much I believe in actual hellfire, but I wouldn’t stand too close to these people, just to be sure. Excellent, insightful post, as always! Also, you should know I’ve used the term douchebaggery twice today already.


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