Groundhog’s Day #183 (Yeah, Still)

Zephaniah 1:1

Zephaniah received the word of God. He’s the son of some guy, who is the son of some guy, who is the son of some guy, who is the son of some guy who was alive during the reign of some king, who was the son of another king of Judah.

Warning of Coming Destruction- I’m (God) going to sweep everything, man and animal, off of the face of the earth. Just like I promised I wouldn’t do in that covenant that had something to do with a rainbow. Still gonna do it.

Against Judah- I’m going to cause havoc, because you bastards won’t stop worshipping other gods and idols. You’re going to be really sorry.

The Great Day of the Lord- My great day is when I  finally kill all of you. Now, if you are righteous and “humble,” ask for forgiveness and maybe, maybe, I’ll spare you. Probably not though.


Against Philistia- I’m going to wipe out Philistine, so that My people can live there once I’ve punished them. If you’re a Philistine, I give zero fucks for you.

Against Moab and Ammon- The people of Moab and Ammon made fun of My people. So I will destroy them and give their lands to the “remnants” of My people.

Against Cush- You too, Cush.

Against Assyria- Also among the future dead.


The Future of Jerusalem- The leaders, priests and officials have become like lions, arrogant and treacherous. So I will destroy them. I will leave behind the “meek and humble” to inherit and survive. My name alone will be on their lips.

Again and again the Bible proves to me that God would not approve of a Trump presidency. Trump is the lion, treacherous and arrogant. He is not looking out for the meek and humble. Our nation has turned to the idols of money and power, worshipping false prophets and leaving the weaker of us behind. No, I’m sorry. I do not think God would approve of our shining city on the hill. Not at all.

The end!

Next up, Haggai!


One thought on “Groundhog’s Day #183 (Yeah, Still)

  1. Agreed. But why is this particular treacherous arrogant lion accruing sooooo many fierce, weepy acolytes? They’re fleeing their beliefs in droves, in a sprint, to follow this cruel narcissistic blowhard. I get that lots of people worship a book they’ve never read. Laziness makes sense to me. But what churches do they go to that allow, if not outright encourage their devotion to such a false prophet? I agree with you, nichols448. We as a nation can only be incurring a smoldering wrath, if indeed God has one. I’m more inclined to think we’re creating an unpleasant fate for ourselves which a loving god won’t intervene to prevent. What better way is there for us to learn than to suffer the consequences of our errors?


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